Observation 148A

Subject 2227

  • Subject has reached stage 3 of observation: a study in solitary.
  •  Subject becomes tense when shown into the room. Asks how long he will be in there for. Becomes even more agitated when met with silence.
  • Lack of information is definitely a trigger for Subject. Breaks free from guards twice before being restrained and wheeled into room on a stretcher.
  • Mutters incoherently (find transcript below) for 45 minutes before becoming silent. Released from restraints soon after.
  • Walks the perimeter of the room as if sizing place up. Finds the concealed observation window in less than a minute.
  • Stands and stares at/through the window for the next 4 hours.
  • Subject’s discipline is unprecedented. Lack of formal schooling should have affected concentration/compliance. Subject, however, seems determined. Unimpressed, even.
  • Subject’s legs give way at about 17:00 hours. Subject then moves the desk chair across room to the window and sits down. Continues to stare at the glass for the next 6 hours.
  • Subject struggling to stay upright. Moves to the bed at 23:00 hours. Continues to stare at the window.
  • Sleep, as observed in previous occasions, is not a need for the Subject. We are unsure as to whether this is an involuntary result of his condition, or if Subject is actively staying awake.
  • Supervisor visits at 00:30 hours. All concurrent Observations have been scaled down. All Subjects but one have fallen asleep. 2227 shows no signs of conforming.
  • Subject has not moved for 4 hours. Eyes remain open and blinking. Breathing is barely visible. Similar to the state his brother Subject 2223 was in before passing.
  • At 3:00 hours, Supervisor intervenes in observation to check Subject’s vitals. Subject is seemingly comatose when Supervisor enters. Is unresponsive when his name is called.
  • When Supervisor turns his wrist over to check pulse, Subject grabs her by the throat. Manifests ability in 4 seconds. A record?
  • When he hears the Security coming, Subject pushes Supervisor’s face against the window to mock us.
  • Sadist?
  • Complies with Security when they finally enter room.
  • Calls Supervisor by her maiden name as she is carried out. Asks her if her father would be proud of her work.
  • The Observation is paused to record Supervisor’s account of incident (See Index 2227 8A).
  • One thing to note, Supervisor closed eyes during altercation but Subject’s connection was not broken. Eye contact can be ruled out as a way he creates a bond.
  • There are also questions about ability’s accuracy. The memories Subject mined from supervisor have no coherent link. All relatively recent though – wedding, how to access Records Room, a trip to the vet – This is what we can gleam so far. Investigation is still underway.
  • The observation is resumed.
  • Subject is sitting in the chair with his head in his hands. Perhaps he has spent the last of his energy reserves.
  • At 4:00 hours, Subject stirs. Appears to be shielding his eyes from something.
  • He moves the desk and the bed and boxes himself in a far corner of the room. He pulls the mattress over the top. He is now entirely obscured.
  • After two hours of this, and further information from Supervisor interrogation, the observation is suspended. The Subject has discovered the nature of the observation from his data mining and is resisting the only way he can.
  • He will be left in the room while we consider ways to adjust Part B and avoid any further incidents.

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