Observation 150B


Subject 2321

  • Subject has reached part 2 of stage 3: A Single Request
  • Subject has been asleep for 9 hours. Is roused awake at 12:00 hours.
  • Subject receives first meal. Eats the fruit, drinks the coffee. Prods the porridge but does not taste it. Consumes the accompanying honey with the spoon.
  • Subject is collected at 13:00 hours and taken to the bathroom. Steps have been taken to avoid the mishap of Observation 131. Subject is shown into private shower facility where she is the sole occupant.
  • According to guards, Subject finds the new procedure funny. Laughs for a full minute and jokes that we have ‘got her’.
  • Subject asks again for branded shampoo. Claims that the ‘cheap stuff’ is ‘bad for the environment’ and that her hair ‘needs extra special care’. When asked what brand she prefers, Subject states ‘Surprise me’.
  • Subject’s tone remains conversational. Has not appeared hostile since altercation in Observation 119D (See Appendix titled ‘2321 Uniform Incident’)
  • Subject returns to room at 13:45. At which point, Supervisor enters. He makes small talk with Subject, who is pleasant, almost flirtatious.
  • Supervisor tells Subject she can request one thing to pass the afternoon.
  • Subject takes approximately 3 minutes to think this proposition over.
  • Subject asks for a manicure/pedicure set. Her exact words ‘Nothing fancy. Just a nail set that you could get in Poundland.’
  • Subject’s focus on her physical appearance is intriguing given her abilities.
  • Could human desire and the condition be linked?
  • Subject receives nail kit at 14:30.
  • Subject carefully cuts toenails, buffs them with the file. Pays close attention to matching the lengths. Almost files them down to the quick as a result.
  • Subject paints toenails. When she makes a mistake she starts again,  even if the mistake is minute.
  • All in all the process takes 45 minutes. Roughly the same amount of time it took her to shower. Significance?
  • N.B. A study of Subject’s past would be useful here. But we continue to struggle to get a single shred of information from her that is true. Clearance to take DNA sample by force is still pending. Until then Subject 2321 remains Unit’s biggest mystery.
  • Subject repeats same process for fingernails.
  • Subject verbally chastises self when using weaker left hand. Tone of voice is unusual. Speaks with a vague Edinburgh accent. 
  • Process again is completed in 45 minutes.
  • Subject stares at nails. Does not appear to be happy with the results.
  • At 16:15, Subject uses the nail file attached to the clippers to cut into her wrists.
  • Observation is paused to attend to subject. Please find attached the incident report.

Appendix: 2321 Infirmary Incident Report

Information about Party involved in Incident

Number: 2321
Gender: Currently Female
Supervisor: Dr S. B. Ahmed

Information about Incident

Board Notified: No
Location of Incident: Cell 21, Ward 3, East Yard, All within East Block
Details of incident: Subject slit own wrists in cell. Experienced heavy blood
loss. Patient was removed from cell and taken to Ward 3, where she was sedated and
stitched up. Subject was under surveillance for first 12 hours and then left
without restraints to recuperate.
Armed Guard was stationed in cell. Armed guard fell asleep. Subject sat up and
removed the stitches in her wrist. Wrists no longer had wounds. Subject took on
form of another armed guard named [REDACTED], claimed she was there to cover
stationed Guard. Once guard leaves, she too leaves. By the time a response team
could get into East Block, Subject has entered the Yard with other subjects.
Subject changed form again to blend in. Entire Block has to be put on lockdown.
Subject changes form a total of 13 times in 30 minutes. Eventually she is
apprehended, in the form of Supervisor. Nails are the giveaway.
Witness to the incident: [REDACTED]
Injuries: Subject was tasered while running to exit. Hit head on the tile floor.
Treated in infirmary and returned to cell. Several subjects were hit with batons
as a result of the investigation. Minor bruising. One concussion.
Risk to Experiment: Subject is now aware that there are others.
Action Taken as a Result of Incident: Subject will remain in solitary confinement
while we adjust her observation schedule to accommodate new findings. Blood
collected from cell will be used to analyse DNA make up.

Reporter Information

Print name of reporter: [REDACTED]
Reporter Signature: [REDACTED]
Date Report Filed: [REDACTED]


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