She Speaks – Friday

I’m not going to freak out. It’s my party and I’m like just gonna be cool and chill. But it’s just like…why? You know? Like, why? Why? Why does he do this every year?

But, whatever. I’m chill and I’m zen and I’m 23. This isn’t even a problem.

It’s just that I carefully organised everything and then this goddamn, fucking-

Oh my god, I’m fine. It’s whatever. I just want to be cool and let my hair down and enjoy this carefully orchestrated shindig with my friends who can read a fucking invite! Like, shit! It said clearly, in bold: strict-dress-code. Don’t even bother coming otherwise! And this prick-

It’s fine. I’m fine.

He just- He does this every year. Every year. Last year, for cops and robbers, he came as a fucking suicide bomber. The year before that, for little shop of horrors, he came as Frank n Furter from the rocky horror picture show. The year before that, for great gatsby, he came as Huck Finn and then the year before that, for Marvel Heros, he came as Roose Bolton. I just-

I’m fine. Which is why I’m not saying anything- but like I’m pissed because I don’t invite him and yet somehow he always turns up and it’s crazy! One of you arsewipes keeps telling him and I’m not going to investigate because it’s fucking petty but you should absolutely kill yourself!


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