Int. Newsroom – Day

NARRATOR: The exec team are in the third hour of their pre production meeting. Josh has finally decided to join them and now the rest of the team have to rehash everything they’ve already discussed.

ART: We’re thinking scaled down, Uni colours, quick to build, that sort of thing-

JOSH: I feel like it should be really big and really bright. Like, you know, out there. So people know that we’re out there.

LEO: We don’t have the budget for ‘really big’ and ‘really bright’. Pick one.

JOSH: But it won’t cost that much, will it? Just like tables, chairs, green screen, lights autocues-

KEZIA: Green screens?

HARLEY: Autocues sound heavy-

LEO: We really don’t have the budget for autocues.

JOSH: Teleprompters, then.

LEO: They’re the same thing.

JOSH: So who’s going to feed us our lines?

LEO: You’re going to have to learn them-

ART: We haven’t really discussed how we’re going to do it. We might get earpieces.

LEO: No. We won’t. Because we don’t have earpiece money.

JOSH: Mate. Is it just me, or is this guy  being super defeatist? We should start calling you Negative Nigel!

LEO: Except my name isn’t Nigel.

JOSH: Le-No, then.

ART: Good one.

LEO: Look, I’m just being realistic. We have to borrow the majority of our equipment from the TV Network, otherwise we have to go without. I feel like my email was very clear about how little money we have.

JOSH: I didn’t get that email.

LEO: Well, that’s weird. It said seen at the bottom.

JOSH: Oh. I mean, I got it but I couldn’t read it on my phone. Facebook app, am I right?

He reaches over to high five Art. 

LEO: No.  No. Art, don’t do it.

ART: It’s bants-

LEO: No, Art, it’s blatant disregard for my hardwork.

Art reaches for the high five.

LEO: Art. ART. If you high five him, I’m leaving. I mean it.

Art hovers.

JOSH: Who’s the boss round here, Art? You or Leo?

HARLEY: Guys, I really need to take my insulin shot.

NARRATOR: This is crunch time for Art. If he high fives Josh, he’s going to piss off a high ranking officer in his team and possible encourage insurgence. If he doesn’t, he’s going to look like a huge loser who listens to penny pinching neurotic asshole instead of the deputy captain of the Lacrosse team.

Art high fives Josh.

Narrator: Arthur has decided to start World War Three: University News Show edition.




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