When I first met her she was trying to extend her credit limit.

She had rubber soled boots on, laced up hastily, bows lopsided and irregular. She had one foot hovering above the other as her legs balanced on top of one another, crossed tightly. I could see the tension in the muscles in her thighs as they stretched the boucle material of her mini skirt.

Her hands, one bare, one covered in thin plain silver rings were placed on top of her leather bag. It was old and fake, I could tell from the fraying on the underside which she was clearly trying to cover. The shoulders of her suit jacket, padded in homage to an earlier time or maybe borrowed right from it- I couldn’t tell- were high, as if she were hunkered down in a suit of armour. It all looked brand new and yet like something I had seen many times before.

I hadn’t even gotten to her face yet and I knew my life was about to change. She was trying so hard, you see. I could tell she was trying so hard to seem normal. But there was something stronger, a much bigger tell than her exaggerated casual style. It was coming off her, radiating from her. Something not tangible, not human at all. An energy or something- it hit me. Within a matter of seconds, it had burrowed into me.

Growing inside me, growing in the space between us, pulling us in. I remember shaking hands and both our palms were wet.


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