Let’s Talk About Me

Just so we’re clear, I write stuff down.

Then write over it in a different pen. Then get ink on my fingers and smudge the page. Then try to decipher the smudges and scribbles, and then it hits me-

It’s all an optical illusion. I’ve just drawn the maze from the Shining. Over and Over. It’s been 14 hours. I have to sleep.

Just so we’re clear, I type stuff up.

Then spend an hour choosing a suitably atmospheric font. Then put my headphones in to drown out the sound of frantic typing. Then come to an hour later, checking my progress-

500 words. In 4 hours. And, yup, it’s just the lyrics to 10cc’s I Don’t like Cricket. Idiot. I have to get some air.

Just so we’re clear, I love what I do.

Then hate it. Then think about other things I hate. Then make a list, and then check it twice.

You know. I’m kind of inspired. I could turn these into something. You know what? Maybe I’ll write these- I really need to get a life.

Just so we’re clear – I write.


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